Adam K.

Dr. Waked and his staff were extremely knowledgeable and professional from beginning to end. If you're considering weight loss surgery frankly Dr. Waked is the only surgeon to see

Santanu R

Excellent surgeon. Patient. Competent. Takes time to answer questions and explain complex medical situations lucidly. Highly recommended

Collen V

Going through this journey you will have times that you feel you are failing. Dr. Waked and his staff are always there for you and always encourage you through it. I trust Dr. Waked with my life. He is awesome and always cares about you.

Andrea A.

Dr. Waked did my sleeve surgery in Salisbury MD in 2014. He left that practice shortly after. I knew he moved to Seaford so I Googled him when I decided to have the DS switch. There was no support groups or Nutritionist in Salisbury so I had started to regain my lost weight. Dr. Waked made such a lasting impression on me that even though I do not have a car I paid 45$ each way in cab fees to make many of my scheduled appointments. I am also on disability very fixed income but he is worth the ride. I have had my DS and out of the 11 surgeries I've had this was by far the easiest. My sleeve was easy also very little recovery time. Don't settle go to the best doctor (Dr. Waked) and the best program. God Bless you for what you are doing to save lives mine included.

Margaret L

I recommend Dr Waked. He is an amazing doctor and surgeon. So happy I made the decision to get the sleeve done. I am down to 154 lbs. I feel amazing. I could have never done this without him. I tell everyone to go to him. He is awesome.